1 of every 2 breaths (or every second breathe) we take comes from the ocean.
Over half of the fish you eat is farmed.

That’s why we dedicate a series to explore the potential of regeneration under water. Oceans and other water bodies cover most of our planet and have stored most of the excess heat and, at the same time, have some of the best opportunities to produce healthy food (protein), store carbon, create materials, fuel, bio stimulants and much more plus create a lot of jobs in coastal communities. 

We have largely ignored the water based farming aquaculture industry in this podcast until now. In these conversations we explore why aquaculture is so important for the future of our planet if we get this wrong we have a serious problem, what are the risks and challenges feed, reliance on soy, pests yes there are pests under water, antibiotic use etc. 

  • What does it mean when you apply regenerative principles to aquaculture?
  • What can soil based agriculture learn from aquacultureand vice versa? 
  • What should investors really know about the water based farming and what the potential is of regenerative aquaculture?

This is a series of interviews with the people putting money at work (entrepreneurs and investors) in this crucial (and overlooked) sector.

This series is supported by The Nest, a family office dedicated to building a more resilient food system through supporting natural solutions and innovative technologies that change the way we produce food.