Craig Wichner, started the first investment fund in regenerative agriculture 8 years ago

Craig Wichner is the co-founder of FarmlandLP, one of the first impact investment funds focussed on Regenerative Agriculture. They raised one of the first regenerative agriculture impact investing funds, now managing over 17000 acres and executing complex ten year rotations. Including cattle, organic grains and organic vegetables.


We discussed many things! From soil carbon to drones and from deep roots to how we can show that regenerative agriculture is more profitable than conventional chemical based agriculture.

Some key takeaways:

Farmland LP
“How do you shift from a chemical based agriculture to a biological based agriculture?”
“Showing organic farmland is more profitable than conventional agriculture!”

“Organic farmland we have managed generates 72% more revenue per acre.” 
“53% of US farmland growing 2 commodity crops, corn and soy.”
“At least 4-6 times more revenue per acre growing sweet corn than commodity corn”

The big shift comes from average farmer understand that sustainable agri is more profitable than chemical farming

Really looking at the land, what work best on this land in a sustainable way?
What is the best way to maximise biological productivity and economic value?”

Future developments
Just completed a permanent crop suitability study for some of the land. Looking at the mix of perennial systems plus open ground
Next year they will be getting more technology on the farm, aerial imagery with drones

“Milk is the gateway drug to organic products” as first time mothers start asking questions about the milk they give to their newborns. 
“Organic standards aren’t the holy grail, there are some issues with it. Keep asking questions!”
“Not everything you measure matters not everything matters can be measured”

First question for investors, what is the timeframe you are investing?

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