Oliver Hanke invested over 150M in sustainable agroforestry

A deep dive with Oliver Hanke of 12Tree into how they are making agroforestry investable for institutional investors.


Oliver Hanke is the Chief Project Officer of 12Tree. In this podcast we discuss how 12Tree raised 200M from a German pension fund and has been investing most of it in the past three years in large scale sustainable agroforestry projects. 
We touch upon the fascinating world of aromatic cacao, organic coconuts, holistic thinking and reforestation. 
Enjoy this longer form interview until the end as we unpack how to put trillions to work in trees!

Impact report – Executive summary

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Story of the projects from the Domenican Republic to Morocco

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World Agroforestry Centre

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75 Felipe Villela on regenerating 1M ha of land worldwide by 2030 through agroforestry

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