John Kempf, what would he do with a 1 billion dollar investment fund?


AI agronomist, making regenerative advice accessible to all. How important is it to preserve information regarding Regenerative Agriculture?
John Kempf, founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) and host of Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, is back on the podcast to discuss his book on Regenerative Agriculture, developing AI agronomist, and influencing farmers to ask better questions. 



An interview where we check in with John Kempf on why healthy plants are hardly ever affected by pests and diseases, as well as John’s priorities in creating new projects. We talk about his book, his work on developing an AI agronomist to make regen ag advice accessible to all farmers and to nudge farmers to observe better and more and ask better questions. And finally, how would John put a 1 billion dollar investment fund to work?

Advancing Agriculture

John started his work on fruit and vegetable production to get growers to adapt to regenerative agriculture practices. The goal is to reduce fertilizer and pesticide application and influence a change in eco-agriculture to produce quality and quantity of food. They want to set high standards for other companies by providing information and quality service.  

“I believe that if you want to get people to change, you need to give them an economic incentive to change. The company Advancing Eco Agriculture works with farmers to show them how they can make more money, be more profitable, and be more successful using regenerative agriculture practices and managing plant nutrition differently.” – John Kempf

Preserving Information

Recently John wrote a book, Quality Agriculture, which contains a collection of transcriptions from his podcasts and webinars, realizing the importance of information in this generation. The goal is to share and preserve everything he learned about Regenerative Agriculture for the current and future generations. The book aims to information democracy as knowledge should be accessible to all, regardless of language. 

“I had several mentors when I was first starting out 15 years ago, who had incredible knowledge and passed away early and took much of that knowledge and information with them. I would like to do my part in preventing that from happening with the many wise elders that we have in our generation today.”  – John Kempf

Regenerative Farming System

There are so many advantages in research. There is an abundance of information that is useful, implementation is what is needed the most.  In Regenerative Agriculture System, there is a need to manage and understand all ecosystems interactions by using the knowledge already available.

“The key to implementing a Regenerative Farming System successfully is that there is a broad base of knowledge that is needed. Even mainstream farmers who are not using a regenerative approach, they have a very diverse knowledge base that includes mechanics and nutrition and genetics and biology and the list just kind of goes on and on.” – John Kempf

AI Agronomist

John, together with his team, is working on a software platform called AI Agronomist. It is a tool that can monitor meteorological data, a plant’s nutritional profile, predict disease and insect susceptibility in the future, and predict yield quality. It is a powerful tool to help farmers as well as for human health.

“I think it’ll be incredibly valuable and powerful for growers all around the world to be able to see this. The intent is not to get farmers out of the field and have them looking at the screen for alerts, but actually to use this to get growth into the field more and asking better questions.” – John Kempf

One Billion Investment Fund

When Koen asked John if he was given one billion dollar that he could use to invest on anything he wants, John said that, in agriculture, that amount of money is not a lot. In fact, they need to produce billions of dollars used strategically to see an improvement in regenerative agriculture spaces. John would invest in improving practices, production by growers, and looking for issues that hinders regenerative agriculture. 

“Various funds have largely been focused on farmland and investing in farmland, and I see the opportunity in buying, I see the security that is present. Investing in farmland that has an appreciable asset and so forth, but I don’t believe that is the place where we can produce the most change. Now, I do believe that, that is one place where there is an opportunity to demonstrate for other stakeholders the significant potential that exists. If I had to think about deploying a billion dollars, focusing on strategically, I would try to identify what are the barriers to adoption for regenerative agriculture, and specifically invest in removing those barriers.“

John Kempf

To learn more about John Kempf download and listen to this episode. 


John Kempf is the co-founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture. He and his team are helping growers to make more money with regenerative agriculture. Since 2006 they have served over 2 million acres all over the world. Focusing on how to make regen ag the norm by 2040.


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