Zach Bush on why all health issues come back to how we treat the soil

How did a medical doctor end up going deep, very deep on soil, and discovering that almost all health issues can be traced back to how we treat our soils? Learn about the role of glyphosate and other chemicals and why after seeing all this doom and gloom, he actually has a lot of hope for the human species. 


We welcome today Dr. Zach Bush, a renowned multidisciplinary physician of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Hospice Care, and internationally recognized educator on the Microbiome as it relates to health, human health, soil health, food systems, and a regenerative future.

Medical Doctor To Soil Aficionado

Dr. Zach Bush spent 17 years in academic medicine where he studied biochemistry, cellular biology, pharmaceutical management, disease and ultimately worked for many years in the hospital system. He shares his observations on the current state of chronic diseases in the US. 

“I had this very holistic image of the current landscape of chronic disease in the United States that was certainly accelerated, not emerging the first time in the late 1990s, early 2000s. It was just a coincidence that I showed up at this moment in history where we hit this brink or tipping point of human health, where we saw a sudden epidemic phenomenon in chronic disease, which had never been seen before.” – Dr. Zach Bush

Children and Diseases

Aside from cancer rates doubling, we now see diseases for the aged among babies. We also see a spike in the autism spectrum, allergies, and neurodegenerative diseases on children, as early as two years old. 

“We were starting to see children born intolerant to their environment, as if the planet was suddenly not built for them. Suddenly, the planet was not amenable to their survival.” – Dr. Zach Bush

The End of Human Race

Dr. Zach poses the question of how we define our quality of life. He discusses why he foresees humans have less than 100 years as a species. This is due to our current lifestyle and the emissions that we give out.  

“There are two important phenomena happening in human health right now to conspire to extinction, and the extinction of humans is just symptomatic of a deeper extinction event of planet Earth itself. The Earth has been through five great extinction events in the past.” – Dr. Zach Bush

Why Are We Failing As Species

Dr. Zach shares his search for answers on why we are here and why are we starting to fail as species. He further discusses in this episode how we brought ourselves to this brink of extinction.

“It’s important to realize that the collapse of soil if it’s short-lived, will preserve the oceans. And so if the oceans don’t acidify, you’ll lose somewhere around 85 87%. Of the four other great extinctions that preceded the last one, there was two that were severe enough collapses of the soil architecture in this relationship with soil on air than the oceans acidified. And when the oceans acidify as much as the soil is damaged, then we will see about 95 97% of life on Earth destroyed.” – Dr. Zach Bush

Other Important Points Discussed

Koen and Dr. Zach discussed these points in this episode:

  • What should smart investors, who want to invest in Reg ag and food look out for
  • What would Dr. Zach do if he would be in charge of a 1billion dollar investment portfolio tomorrow morning?
  • The one thing Dr. Zach would change in the agriculture industry from a sustainability point of view and
  • What Dr.  Zach believe is true about regenerative agriculture that others don’t believe to be true (as inspired by John Kempf)

To know more about Dr. Zach Bush and why he thinks all health issues come back to how we treat the soil, download and listen to this episode.


Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Dr Zach founded *Seraphic Group and the non-profit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health.  His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health.  His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.


Farmers Footprint

Zach Bush’s podcast

John Kempf’s podcast


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13 comments on “Zach Bush on why all health issues come back to how we treat the soil

  1. Louis Laframboise says:

    Is the whitepaper on soil which Zach refers to in the interview available. If so, could you provide a link?

    1. Louis Laframboise says:

      90 page whitepaper. Comes up around time stamp 35:36 in the interview

      1. Koen says:

        Hi Louis, I asked and Zach said he isn’t sure if that paper is found online- it was written on the 70s and he got the paper version.

        1. sieger says:

          Do you have the title, writer and year of the white paper? That makes that you can look at the internet, or check other libraries to see if the paper can be found.

          1. Koen says:

            Thank you for your comment.
            Let me ask but I don’t think Zach still has the paper copy!

  2. David H. Coffey says:

    I was raised on a potato farm. We grew wheat and clover also. We had bulls and heifers, roosters and hens also for our dairy, chicken and eggs. We grew a garden also in our back yard. We did not spray our garden with anything, and we did not till the soil in our garden. When we picked our vegetables, Dad told us not to lose any of the milk that formed at the base of the lettuce, and when the plants had given us all of the food that they had, we would allow them to be the protectors and the enrichers of the soil. Dad called it feeding the little bugs and fungi that caused the plants to be Good for us for our health.

    Now, he had two years only of agricultural college before he joined the Marines during World War II to fight in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and in the Philippines. When he returned, he purchased the farm from my grandfather and began to farm, basically potatoes. He grew buckwheat also as a food crop for us, and clover as a cover crop. He did not use parathion or other poisons on the food crop, but he did use them on the potatoes. He used the weed kill to kill the potato plants for the harvest. Whenever I worked in the fields, I was able to pull a potato out of the ground and eat it for lunch and snacks during the day.

    However, after the spraying, we could not eat the potatoes any more. Dad used to tell us that he wished we would not have to use poisons on the crops at any time, but we needed to get the potatoes out of the ground, which, most years were harvested until the middle of October, which meant we lost some of the crop to the frost. If we caught them soon enough, we could store them in a heated bin which kept most of them from spoiling.

    Dad did fairly well with his crops, because he did not sell on the New York Stock Exchange Commodities Market. He sold directly to grocery stores, and his potatoes were better than Grade A, for he did not allow one potato to pass by on the racks that had any spoilage at all, for these would turn to alcoholic liquid in the bag if they set too long on the store shelves. The potatoes that he called “B’s”, we would eat and use for seed the next spring. He had the grocery shelves filled with potatoes daily. He would take away the old bags, even one day old, and replace them with fresh potatoes.

    He even sold his potatoes to grocers further away from Presque Isle, Maine, to grocers who were friends of his from the War. These would need to travel by truck and rail though, and there were plenty of chances for spoilage en route if storms developed or if the trip was long, as it was from Maine to Iowa, Idaho and Utah. He sold potatoes to grocers in Pennsylvania and Florida. He sold seed for test to Florida and Idaho. The ones he sold to friends in Idaho became known as the Idaho Potato. These were Russet Burbanks, which is why the Idaho Potato looks like an over-sized Russet Burbank.

    But, the Idaho Potato is a dead piece of food, for they messed with the genetics in the potato, and, through genetic engineering, they destroyed the Life in the potato. These potatoes are large, but empty of nutrition. This is what happens when false science messes with the food.

    When I was a 4H member along with my three younger brothers and my three younger sisters, I decided to grow an acre of potatoes for my 4H project for the yearly fair. Of course, my potatoes were known as new potatoes, because they were not yet fully grown. I tried an experiment. I used no tilling, no spray of any kind, and I did not cultivate my acre. What happened was I had a crop that had no spoilage in the ground, had no blight or dis-ease, and were Green Mountain Katahdins, a round-shaped white potato with eyes that protruded from the surface, not eyes that were indented as with Russet Burbanks.

    I invited people to eat a potato after teaching them how I grew them without using poisons and without tilling the soil and cultivating the rows. I grew two more crops along with the potatoes. peas and beans, in the same acre of land. My dad suggested to me that I might grow these as additional crops to keep the weeds away. I had no insect problems either, for I kept four flat pans of sweet sugar water along the boundaries of the acre along with sunflowers. I chose to do these things, and my potatoes had a taste that was not only starchy, but sweet and pleasant to the taste. I won first prize in my demonstration, and I shared the potatoes with everyone who wanted to try one raw, uncooked.

    The next year, I grew lettuce in a section of the garden without digging or tilling of any sort, because I used the tops of the potatoes for mulch over the late fall and winter. I simply pushed the seed gently into the ground, and it grew very well. When I brought it to the fair, people wanted to know why my lettuce had milk on the bottom. I asked them to taste some lettuce with a little bit of the milk. I explained to them that if the lettuce is very healthy, it will produce this milky white substance, and this is what makes the lettuce taste very Good. Those who tried the lettuce were surprised by the texture and the taste. I won First Prize again.

    So I know that about which you speak. I have continued the practice in my yearly gardens. I did not know all of the natural science behind what was happening in the soil that was causing the plant to be so healthy, but I knew that what I was producing with Nature and Nature’s God was Good. Now, I AM learning so much more from your research, that transcends anything that Drs. Fauci, Redfield, et al, can ever hope to produce for the furtherance of Mankind, that we may continue to dwell on the planet. Co-creation with Nature is the very best Way to grow our food, the food that we ingest to feed the microbiome that lives in our guts and in the organs of our physical bodies.

    I AM always reminded of something that I have seen in Scripture: “And God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, very Good.” “very Good is more accurately translated from the Hebrew as “Beauty-filled-to-overflowing”. You are Right when you teach that “Love is the experience of witnessing Beauty.” This is Truth with God also. We cannot love without witnessing the Beauty in Life, first in ourselves, then in others, then in all of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, which God created for us. Nature, then, in all of Life, begins in the atom and in the electron. When we allow this vision of Beauty to happen within, then we can know the Love that we so crave, and, as it is written, “God is Love….” He is also Light, Logic, and Life, so He is tied to everything that we experience. Seeing the Beauty in which God has created, made, and formed us, God is willing to be Love in each one of us. Then we have the Ability and the Authority of God in each one of us to share Love with one another.

    Life is so simple when we accept the Principles which make up the Law of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, for both Spirit and Matter are Truth to God and Reality to us, His creation. I appreciate and have great gratitude for your ministry of healing to the planet and her soul evolutions. Thank you, Dr. Zach Bush! You are truly a present to the planet from God, a Beautiful soul who desires to return Light, Logic, Love, and Life, and, by extension, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness, and Self-control to the entire planet and her soul evolutions. SO BE IT!
    AM Faith-fully David: “a Beloved”, Henry: “King and Priest”, Coffey: “of the Victorious ones”. May we all work together to be present in the God-Realized prevention of the sixth extinction of this planet’s history. I have made the statement of Sir Hume more perfect with Love: “Those who are not willing to LEARN from their history are condemned to repeat it. Civilizations have risen and fallen by the ways in which they grow their food, for, even Judah had their karma returned to them very violently for one thing and one thing only: they were not willing to allow the earth, the soil, to rest every seven years. The stories of civilization do not begin with plague when the enemy is at the front gate of the city. The stories begin with hunger, then the plague comes, and I believe that the hunger the Bible, the Book, is speaking of is the lack of the nutrition in the food, not the lack of food. Let us pass every test and proving that we may overcome the problems that we face by improving the quality of our food that we may be raised in our consciousness to take care of the planet which God gave us to steward. Always Victory!

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