Ethan Soloviev – What is regenerative agriculture and why it is the wrong question to ask

We welcome back on the show Ethan Soloviev, founder of Terra Genesis, now Chief Innovation Officer at HowGood and an advocate for regenerative agriculture. We take a deep dive into the four paradigms of agriculture and how regenerative agriculture is a journey, not a destination. It is not romantic nor naive, it is not anti science nor anti technology.


Welcome to a very special episode. This is part of our online education course to accelerate Your Path Forward in Regenerative Food and Agriculture.
The course will help you accelerate your understanding of the complexities of the current food and an agriculture system and why a broad and deep regeneration is so relevant and interesting. We focussing on what your role can be in this transition, what companies need to be build? What investments need to be made, if you are in the position, and what other roles you can play if you work in big food and big ag that are needed to transition?

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As part of the lesson about what is regenerative agriculture and food, we have Ethan Soloivev joining us for a conversation and we tackle that elephant immediately. We talk about why that is the wrong question to ask, what are the four paradigms of agriculture and, of course, about a lot more.

This year Karen Rodriguez, chief operation officer of Kiss the Ground, and Ethan Soloviev joined forces to update the Regenerative Agriculture Industry Map. We interviewed them to understand also whether we should celebrate the big brands and massive food companies moving into the space, and what makes these two veterans of the regenerative movement cautiously optimistic.

The Regenerative Agriculture Continuum that Ethan developed is one of the best ways of communicating the definition of regenerative agriculture and understand that it is a costant ongoing process.




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