Matteo Mazzola – Walking the land of Iside Farm with a regenerative farmer

This is a special episode, the first one ever of the Walking the Land with a Regenerative Farmer, where we walk the land of the farm with a farmer while we talk about regeneration. 

Walking through Iside Farm on the Iseo Lake in Italy, with regenerative farmer Matteo Mazzola, we unlock the secrets of regenerative agriculture as we traverse the innovative landscapes crafted by Matteo, Paola and the Iside crew. We embark on a profound exploration of sustainable farming, showcasing Matteo’s expertise in farm design, water systems, and the integration of olive trees and animals into the land. Learn how access ways are more than just paths across a farm; they’re a vital component in the flow of energy and resources, helping to prevent erosion with concrete strips and alfalfa, and offering additional crop space. Matteo’s wisdom extends to the creative reuse of shipping containers, illustrating a commitment to terraforming that marries functionality with environmental stewardship.

At Iside they don’t just farm: they are crafting ecosystems where water management is an art and conservation a priority. The episode reveals an inventive water system where ponds atop container roofs serve a triple purpose: roofing, water storage, and purification. From aquaponics to sweet water mollusks, Matteo’s methods for quality food production are a testament to his ingenious approach to agriculture. Hear about the noble efforts to combat drought in the Alps and the techniques that are breathing life into arid terrains, transforming them into lush waterscapes.

As we wrap up our time with Matteo, we reflect on the broader impacts of his work on the environment and society. The conversation shifts to the significance of sustainable practices in water conservation and the role of urban areas in the health of our planet. Our discussion further delves into the future of Iside Farm, the power of education, and the importance of distinguishing between consumers and customers when it comes to environmental responsibility. Matteo shares his vision about the synergy of beauty and function in landscapes, a reminder of the transformative potential that regenerative agriculture holds for creating more sustainable and inviting ecosystems.

“The problem is that we are too adaptive as human species and we don’t realize that we adapt to this functional ugliness, and this is bad, because we train our kids to be more and more adaptive to dysfunctional ugliness. And so it’s important to work on the basis of regenerating functional beauty, because we have to train our kids, we have to train the future generations to be better architects, to be better farmers, better doctors, better nutritionists, better everything.”

– Matteo Mazzola, Iside Farm





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