Koen van Seijen interviewed by Naeem Lakhani and Antony Yousefian on his journey in regenerative food and agriculture and the introduction of Generation-Re investment syndicate

Koen van Seijen settles into the guest chair for a special 300th episode celebration and is interviewed by Naeem Lakhani and Antony Yousefian. It’s fascinating how a simple curiosity about food led down the rabbit hole into the rich ecosystem of soil, carbon and regenerative agriculture. Starting from a coffee with Tony Lovell of SLM Partners, the story of moments and conversations that pivoted our path from a general interest in food to passionate advocates for regenerative agricultural practices and the untapped investment opportunities beneath our feet. With Koen as guest of episode, we look back at the raw beginnings, the evolving mission that connects agriculture to our food systems, and the powerful narrative that’s been shaped through the voices of the guests over these years.

We explore the symbiotic relationships that have sprouted from this platform, lending insights into the challenges and triumphs of impact investors and entrepreneurs alike. We share how the podcast has served and serves as a bridge, connecting people and ideas and how embracing the role of an investor has deepened our commitment while putting “skin in the game”.

Finally, we highlight how the journey has led recently to the launch of the investment syndicate Generation-Re (https://www.gen-re.land) and the thrill of shared investment. Of course, turning tables and mics, you will find as well Koen’s answer to the 1 billion dollar question.





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