Unlock the full potential of your RFSI Europe experience

Are you gearing up for the upcoming Regenerative Food Systems Investment Europe in Brussels on 28-29 February?

If you are relatively new to the regenerative food and agriculture space and want to quickly understand this specific sector’s concepts and investment approaches before you get to RFSI, we have a short but comprehensive course that will offer you just that. 

If you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You are a seasoned investment professional wanting to enter the Regenerative Food and Agriculture space. 
  • You work in a corporation that wants to make a turn to regenerative agriculture, or you have undertaken a role that will allow you to join your company’s efforts in growing its impact.  
  • You want to build a business in Regenerative Food and Agriculture. 

We can quickly onboard you to the Regen Ag world and ensure you get the most out of this transformative upcoming event. 

Your Path Forward in Regenerative Food and Agriculture is our comprehensive video course designed to equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to understand and thrive in the realm of regenerative agriculture investing.


We distilled everything we learned in the last 14 years and 300 conversations of our successful Podcast to get you up to speed with regenerative agriculture and food systems in 12 videos for a total of less than 90 minutes.


In addition, under each recorded session, we have added a curated list of resources that will offer you structured guidance as you dig deeper into the discussed concepts. These strategically chosen resources will allow you to gain a deeper understanding, faster, as you research topics like carbon markets, nutrient density/quality of food, climate change and land use change, etc.


The last element of the course is a downloadable Regenerative Framework – a step-by-step approach for building your own framework – to build companies and tools, work and invest in the space. After consuming the training material and performing in-depth research, the framework helps to best create your vision and your professional and financial goals, as well as the impact you wish to have. 

Because of our long lasting relationship and collaboration with RFSI, we are offering the course for RFSI Europe participants at the discounted price of €350 (Retail price for financial institutions and corporations is €499)

Maximize Your Conference Experience:

Completing this course before the conference will equip you with a solid foundation in regenerative agriculture and food investing, allowing you to maximize your engagement and networking opportunities at the RFSI Europe.

Get the most out of your conference participation: 

  • Fully grasp the depth of what is shared on stage
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow conference attendees 
  • Ask informed questions to panelists, speakers, and other attendees.

Enrol Today, discounted for RFSI Europe, €350

Seize the chance to QUICKLY deepen your knowledge in regenerative food and agriculture investing.

We look forward to meeting you at RFSI Europe!

We have been following the regenerative agriculture and food space since 2011 and we recorded since 2016 more than 400 hours of audio and more than 300 interviews with investors, fund managers, farmers, scientists, businesses and founders.
We think it is time to share our lessons learned!

What is Your Path Forward in Regenerative Food and Agriculture course?
A series of currently 12 short videos plus a curated list of resources (books, papers, articles) for additional learning and to dig deeper, always asking the question: 

‘How to put money to work in regenerating soils at scale and growing a lot of tasty food while doing so?’

The course tries to answer to the following questions:

  • Why work on, build and invest in regenerative agriculture and food? (plus the risks of investing in conventional extractive agriculture)
  • How to work on, build and invest in regenerative agriculture and food?
  • What to work on, build and invest in regenerative agriculture and food?

And to:

  • dig deeper
  • build your own framework
  • inspire you about what to read and what to listen to

For whom?

  1. Investor – private individuals, family offices and institutional investors
  2. Entrepreneur – people who want to start and build companies in regenerative agriculture and food to regenerate soil at scale.
  3. Intrapreneur – innovative individuals within existing organizations who possess the drive to create positive change.

What You’ll Gain:

  • In-depth Instruction: Dive deep into the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture through 12 instructional videos hosted by industry expert Koen van Seijen.
  • Curated Resources: Explore a curated list of resources, including books, papers, and articles, carefully selected to enrich your understanding and provide avenues for further exploration.
  • Knowledge: Gain unique insights, challenging conventional narratives about regenerative agriculture. Get inspired by what needs to be built, worked on and invested in the space.
  • Unlimited Access: Enjoy unlimited access to course content and future updates, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in regenerative agriculture and food investing.
  • Decision-Making Framework: our decision-making framework will empower you to chart your own course in regenerative agriculture investing.

Overview Lessons

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Deepening your Understanding in Regenerative Agriculture
  3. Urgency
    • Why we should act now
    • Why we can act now
  4. Degenerative Fundamentals
    • Elephants in the room
  5. The Regenerative Landscape
    • Navigating the landscape
    • Food as medicine
    • Cooling the planet
    • Payments for ecosystem services
    • Corporate regeneration
  6. The Regenerative Framework
    • Deciding your pathway
    • Step by step approach for building your own framework
  7. Wrap up – Last words before you will walk your path

Enrol in “Your Path Forward in Regenerative Food and Agriculture” today or fill out the form to ask your employer to cover the cost of the training course.