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Fireside Chat with John Kempf & Koen van Seijen @ Groundswell ’24

Ever wondered how podcasting can transform the field of regenerative agriculture? This fire side chat with John Kempf and Koen van Seijen, hosts of the most followed and longest existing podcasts in the regenerative agriculture and food space, was recorded live at Groundswell 2024.

This is an intimate conversation where we dive deep in the the long-term dedication needed to engage an audience genuinely, the nerve-wracking journey of publishing the initial episodes and the relentless effort required to build a loyal listener base. We highlight the importance of mentors, the art of storytelling and how digital platforms can amplify critical ideas and drive change.

We uncover how the overuse of nutrients like nitrogen and potassium can actually harm crops, making them more susceptible to diseases and pests, and ultimately reducing yields. We explore the research on plant nutrition, plant health and fertilizer use and questions traditional agronomy practices. John shares about Advancing Eco Agriculture’s fundraising experience within the farming community and the strategies for reaching wider audiences, including turning our podcast episodes into books. Plus, a sneak peek into the shared upcoming projects focusing inputs from innovative companies.

John Kempf, what would he do with a 1 billion dollar investment fund?

John Kempf, founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) and host of Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, is back on the podcast to discuss his book on Regenerative Agriculture, developing AI agronomists, and influencing farmers to ask better questions.

Regeneration Newsroom Podcast ft. Ethan Soloviev – November 2018

A joint venture between Ethan Soloviev’s Regeneration Newsroom  and the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast where Ethan Soloviev and Koen van Seijen highlight the top articles, books, videos, podcasts and other news on Regenerative Agriculture and Business!

David R Montgomery, ditching the plow, covering the soil and diversifying crop rotations

David R Montgomery is the writer of the books Dirt and Growing a Revolution where he travelled around the world visiting farmers who are growing high quality produce, profitably while growing soil carbon.

Shameek Chakravarty, left Amazon to start a real life FarmVille in rural India

Shameek Chakravarty is the cofounder of Farmizen based in Bangalore India, on Farmizen everyone can rent mini-plots of farmland close to the city.