Our mission is to help more people who are building truly disruptive regenerative enterprises around the world get access to relevant resources (people, partners, investments, etc.) faster.

This is long term work. It will take, at least, the most part of this decade and, probably, much more.

So how do we make sure we can run the podcast (editing, hosting and, of course, the biggest ‘expense’ that is our time) over the next decades? We need a long term business model that isn’t extractive and ideally regenerative. 

We have been experimenting with these main models:

Supporters for series: when we run a specific series (Landscape Tech, Transition finance for farmers) we try to find a financial supporter! If you have ideas here please let us know!

Gift Economy:
If you want to learn more about the Gift Economy, we highly recommend reading/listening/viewing Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economy.

We are committed to follow the people building the regenerative enterprises around the world for many years to come. We love to go deeper into really interesting companies, funds, etc. and follow them over time. Which means multiple audio interviews, maybe even videos, with the key people and checking in regularly.
This (hopefully) creates a lot of value for these companies as the right introduction at the right time can change everything (funding, investments, partners, staff). But it is impossible to exactly calculate our value and send an invoice :-).

How does it work in practise?
One time/ monthly/ yearly supporters! People, organisations, companies who pay what they feel the podcast and/or our video course is worth to them. If you are already one of them, THANK YOU!

If you want to become one of them join our community here!

Our ask to the companies we follow (you?): if you feel we create value for you, at the moment or in the future, you can pay what you feel it’s worth and, thus, something meaningful flows back to the podcast. 

Ideally this is a monthly Gumroad membership of $100/$250/$500/$1000/$2500, etc., but it could be anything else (food! :-). It is up to YOU. 

This way we ‘invested’ in YOUR success together without being ‘investors’. 

This enables us to make more and better content, start following more truly disruptive regenerative enterprises and build a bigger community. 


Fund, become an investor?
Why not just start a fund and become investors in these companies, funds, etc.? First of all ‘just’ raising a fund is very very difficult and time consuming and we don’t think we can add anything unique to the space. What would be our additionally?

FULL DISCLOSURE: In some cases we are investing personally in the companies we interviewed, which literally are a few thousand euros/dollars. This doesn’t meaningfully change the cap table of these companies, but we are very thankful for the entrepreneurs to make space for us!

We are in a very lucky position where many amazing people come to us to share what they are building (way more than we currently can put a spotlight on) and this creates a great responsibility to follow as many of these amazing (soil) builders as possible!