Renske Lynde, how to invest in the food system of the future?

Renske Linde is an impact investor and co founder of Food System 6 (FS6), a nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area that is working to transform our current industrial food system into a new model that is focused on environmental, physical and social health.


Food System 6 (FS6) runs a very interesting cohort for disruptive food entrepreneurs.

We discussed how Renske ended up in the space and why it is so important to look at the whole food system and not just the producing/agriculture part. And why non profits and blended capital are so important for the development of the space. We also discussed some companies which inspired her and her first sustainable agriculture investments:

FS6’s innovative, four-month cohort model provides tailored support and technical assistance to teams of both non-profit and for-profit entrepreneurs, and delivers valuable content and programming at critical points throughout the process that facilitates growth and connection of cohort participants. Further, FS6’s programming brings their early-stage entrepreneurs into contact with investors, corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, government agencies and other stakeholders involved in the transformation of the food system, aligning the opportunities and resources needed to achieve sustainable innovation and growth.

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