If it is true that water vapor accounts for 60-70% of the greenhouse effect while CO2 accounts for 25%, why do we rarely discuss it? Maybe we choose to ignore it because it means we literally need to revegetate the entire Earth.

Bring back the marches, the mangroves, the perennial pastures with trees and regrow real forests that can bring back rains in strategic places.

In short: bring life- lots of plants, trees, animals- back to many places on this Earth. Natural climate engineering: it is time we take our role as keystone species seriously.

In this special Water Cycles series we interview the dreamers and doers who are using the latest technology to figure out where to intervene first. They are making or trying to make the investment and return calculations. so what is missing, what is holding us back? Maybe we lack the imagination to back them and try regeneration at scale.

This series is supported by The Nest, a family office dedicated to building a more resilient food system through supporting natural solutions and innovative technologies that change the way we produce food. https://www.thenestfo.com/