Ask Me Anything Webinar – April 29th, 2020

As promised, here it is the recording of the Ask Me Anything webinar hosted by Koen van Seijen with many more links and topics covered during the discussion.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Alternative equity structures
  • Alternative exit structures
  • Finding angel investors for a seed stage regenerative almond spread business
  • What convinces farmers more, push or pull?
  • Critical technologies need for regen ag
  • Regenerative farming in Poland
  • Which country is most advanced when it comes to regen ag?

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Great website to stay up to date with the regen farming news, job listings, etc:

On Alternative Investment structures: 

Non ag tech focussed, but still interesting (lots of material and their term can be found online)

Purpose Capital

Purpose structured the deal with Organic Grown Company:
Organically Grown Company Pioneers Groundbreaking Ownership Structure to Maintain Mission & Independence in Perpetuity

And also Sharetribe (not ag tech, but still interesting). Especially check their terms!

In the ag space, the Perennial Fund is doing very interesting things around skin in the game transition finance

Impact Terms Platform

For European Food entrepreneurs, EIT Food is a good place to start when looking for investments

On Ecosystem Service marketplaces:

I interviewed Paul CEO of Nori recently.
Listen here or on your favorite podcast player!

Soil Heroes (full disclosure, I’m an advisor)

Interesting article on the link between profitability and regen activity of farmers:
The farm must go on

Teak Origin, a tech company measuring nutrient density
I interviewed the founder Greg Shewmaker.
Listen here or on your favorite podcast player!

The Bionutrient Association on measuring nutrient density and why it is important:
I interviewed the founder Dan Kittredge.
Listen here or on your favorite podcast player!

About the farming system in Cuba:
The Guardian – Organic or starve: can Cuba’s new farming model provide food security?

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