QA Webinar with Dan Kittredge, Bionutrient Food Association – January 27th 2021

Thank you so much for joining this QA webinar with Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association . Thank you Dan for joining and thank you all for your great questions and I hope we could cover most of them!

Some topics we discussed:

  • why Dan is building this data set in the public
  • the next steps of the Bionutrient meter
  • does it make sense to focus on measuring the negative stuff on food?
  • Dan’s vision for the food and agriculture system in 2030
  • does the quality of the seed matters when looking at nutrients?
  • the potential of water
  • why Biophotones have so many possibilities
  • how much does it take to set up a lab
  • does nutrient density vary in meat as much as produce?
  • does polycropping/crop diversity show up yet as an important variable?
  • how does biodynamic produce compare to organic? (not enough data yet)
  • what is the impact of the (long or short) supply chain on nutrients?
  • how tight is the linkage between nutrient density and food as medicine? 
  • what is the impact of heirloom seeds?
  • how do we make sure everyone (but especially people in the lowest socioeconomic brackets) have access to nutrient dense food?

Questions we didn’t get to:

  • do we need less food when it is more nutrient dense?
  • are there any big ag or pharmaceutical companies trying to stop this research or this movement?
  • how does this instrument may impact the pricing basis of food? Is it possible that food will be sold on some sort of $/nutrient basis rather than $/kg?

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