Ask Me Anything Webinar – Dec 15th, 2021

On December 15th, 2021 we run a AMA Webinar with Koen van Seijean, an opportunity to come together and ask Koen and everyone else on the call their burning questions regarding building a regenerative food system.

Thank you so much for coming on the Ask Me Anything webinar and all your great questions and discussion!

Some things we discussed:

How Koen would invest and grant $1b:
– Mostly focussing on food companies which can develop food as medicine lines.
– And technology to deploy regen ag and a landscape scale

– Health and regenerative agriculture

White paper Human Health Nexus The Regenerative Agriculture, insights from field to body

Our QA webinar with the authors

– Eric Jackson currently at the BioNutrient Food Association shared more about his vision and why things seem to be moving now

Interview with Eric Jackson and how to finance many more grain and soy farmers to transition to organic and beyond

Interview with Eric Jackson – Doing over 150M in sales of organic grain and soy, started 18mon ago

Interview with Dan Kittredge on why our biggest lever against climate change is paying for food quality

Interview with Dan Kittredge – Making farmers focus on nutrient dense food

Our QA webinar with Dan Kittredge

– Transparency, and what tech could do there. For instance in analysing DNA in water:

– Dr. Stephan van Vliet and his work on metabolomics
A metabolomics comparison of plant-based meat and grass-fed meat indicates large nutritional differences despite comparable Nutrition Facts panels

– True Cost accounting (interview coming soon!) true-value-of-food/

Rockefeller study on the costs of food in the US

Report UN food study

Hannes van den Eeckhout, is raising funds to initiate a start-up studio inspired by Fresh Ventures in East Africa next year (building social enterprises in regen ag & food, based on steward ownership principles) and is happy to connect: 

– Interview with Bart van der Zande on building the world’s first regenerative startup studio

Profitability of regen dairy farms in the Netherlands (sorry in Dutch, but deepl and google translate should help)

Lindsey Boyle of the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture mentioned: investing in BCorps may help improve transparency as BCorps get points towards certification for transparency (I’m simplifying but BCorp is encouraging).

And a question to mulch over during the holidays (let me know your thoughts in the comments below:

Should companies outside food & ag supply chains be able to fund and claim GHG credits generated inside food & ag supply chains? Or should those claims only be available to the companies that make up the supply chains themselves? (Matt Schmitt)


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