Antonella Ilaria Totaro
Antonella is responsible for the production, communication and dissemination of the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast. She holds a PhD in Innovation for the Circular Economy at the University of Turin. She writes for the publisher Italian Edizioni Ambiente and the magazine Renewable Matter about innovation, startups, new business models, sustainable food systems and behavioural and systems change. She lives between Italy and The Netherlands.

Koen van Seijen
Koen is author and host of the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast series. He interviewed over 250 investors, investment fund managers, opinion leaders, farmers and scientists to find out how best to put money to work to regenerate soil, people, local communities and ecosystems. He is currently member engagement manager of Toniic, the global community of dynamic and active impact investors. Previously Koen supported Aqua-Spark, an impact investing fund focused on sustainable aquaculture companies. He lives between the Netherlands and Italy.

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