I created a framework to determine which parts of the regenerative food and agriculture sector were most relevant and potentially impactful (very personal, of course). 

It consists of three parts:

80.000h frame works of Effective Altruism 

It looks at:

  • Scale – if we solved the problem, how good would it be?
  • Solvability – if we double the resources dedicated to solving this problem, what fraction of the problem would we expect to solve?
  • Neglectedness – how many resources are already going towards solving this problem?
  • Personal Fit

Leverage Points of Donella Meadows 

About systems analysis, it looks at what an intervention could do there, at what level of the system this is working. 

Why now? 

Trying to answer the investor question
My humble opinion in why this might be possible now or not. What is different this time?

This framework resulted in a few parts which stand out in terms of potential impact
Nutrient dense foodTechnology enabled landscape design, Payment systems for farmers for ecosystem services and Transition Finance (to finance it all).