Ask Me Anything Webinar – October 13th, 2020

Thank you so much for joining this Ask Me Anything webinar! Thank you for your great questions and I hope I could cover most of them.

Some topics we discussed:

  • how to sell whole crop rotations? (in agroforestry but also elsewhere)
  • what are good companion crops for coffee at higher altitudes?
  • the big elephant in the room: land ownership. How do we feel about large investors coming in buying land, regenerating it and selling it on?
  • the need or not of regen certification

Here all the links we discussed:

Joe asked about potential investors in East Africa for their  Agri-Hub. I would suggest looking at impact investors in the area, not necessarily regen focussed investors.

Like Goodwell (more a fintech investor) invested Tomato Jos

Regarding ownership. Eimhin suggested to check out Paul Soden in Brazil

Philip asked about the transition and how farmers can deal with yield loss during for example towards the organic certification. Here a great paper about the investment case of ecological (regen) farming.

Rizoma launched the world first Green bond (certitifed by the climate bond initiative) 

We interviewed Sean Kidney of the Climate Bond Initiative here:
Sean Kidney on the $100 trillion bond market everyone in regen ag should know about

Deirdre asked about a European bank and it’s potential role in the transition:
The role of Triodos, one of the world’s leading sustainable banks, in financing the transition towards regenerative agriculture

Eimhin asked about how the impact investment space can interact in partnership with European governments. EIT Food is doing some very interesting things.

Deirdre suggested this: opensource blockchain approach.

More on nutrient density:

Charles asked about best examples of successful watershed scale regenerative projects globally?

Vincent asked about the Perennial Fund/Mad Ag and if that could work in Europe, I think yes and we need more groups like that!

Interview with Mad Ag 

Webinar Mad Ag

Eimhin asked about certification. ROC is working on some very interesting things. I’m still not 100% convinced about more labels. 

Eimhin suggested Open Food Network.

Glenn asked: should the regenerative market be marketed under the organic and bio-dynamic logos and labels?  They are established systems.  Will this give banks the confidence to invest in this sector?

We discussed banks financing organic transitions in an interview with Eric Jackson

It is still very early, even for banks to invest in organic, let alone regenerative practises. But we do need them! 

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