“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

In the Regenerative Mind series, hosted by Emma Chow, through a series of conversations with farmers, chefs, investors, thought leaders, and social entrepreneurs working to regenerative futures, we explore consciousness and the ‘regenerative mind’. Collectively responding to the question: ‘What is the mindset that enables people to serve as regenerative leaders for a radically better food system?’


It’s time to tap into the power of the mind to unlock our potential as change agents.
If we want to truly transform food systems to regenerate people and the planet, we need to move beyond working on surface-level policies, research, and business initiatives, and upgrade the default level of the mind from which we operate. Realising a regenerative food future requires a paradigmatic mindset shift, from scarcity, fear, and lack to strength, hope, and abundance. By deeply understanding and adopting a regenerative mindset, entrepreneurs increase their capacity to bring regenerative innovations to the market, whilst investors and funders can fully unlock regenerative systems solutions by better allocating their dollars.

The importance of this inner work is affirmed by the recent establishment of the UNDP’s Conscious Food Systems Alliance launched in October 2022, who says, ‘Global food systems are at breaking point – and our current policy solutions and technical innovations are not delivering the change we need. To create more regenerative systems, we need to access deeper levers of change.’
While the Inner Development Goals say, ‘There is a vision of what needs to happen, but progress along this vision has so far been disappointing. We lack the inner capacity to deal with our increasingly complex environment and challenges.’

Emma Chow, the host

Emma is a regenerative educator and designer, as well as Creator of Nature x (by) Nurture. She works at the inflection point of the inner and outer worlds, taking a deeply-human approach to re-imagining today’s systems for a regenerative future. Emma honed her food systems knowledge during her time leading the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global Food initiative. She is also a 1Giant Mind meditation teacher, yoga teacher, and yoga nidra guide. 

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The Regenerative Mind series is supported by our friends at Stray who are exploring systemic investing with awe and wonder as well as our friends at Mustardseed Trust, who are enabling a transition to a care economy that fosters regenerative food systems.