Eric Jackson on how to finance many more grain and soy farmers to transition to organic and beyond

Pipeline foods is working with the Rabobank and other funders to design and implement transition finance products to help farmers transitioning to organic and beyond. A new podcast with Eric Jackson, CEO and founder of Pipeline Foods.


Eric Jackson, the CEO and founder of Pipeline Foods is back on the podcast.

Listen to the first interview with Eric Jackson on Doing over 150M in sales of organic grain and soy, started 18mon ago

Pipeline Foods bought another publicly traded (organic) company: SunOpta

Regenerative Organic Certified
Learn more about about ROC with Phil Graves of Patagonia Provisions and Tin Shed Ventures

Main Take aways:

  • Pipeline Foods kept investing in infrastructure for organic row broad acre cropping
  • Organic soy beans for export for the Far East, turned out to be a big growth market for Pipeline Foods
  • Cleaner, processing much closer to the farm gate is the goal of Pipeline 
  • It’s easier to help a current organic grower to expand than a new organic grower going through the transition 
  • Transition Finance, Pipeline foods is working with two banks providing operating loans to farmers starting their organic transition. One of those banks is Rabobank who designed a transition finance product specific for farmers to transition to organic
  • Pipeline Food provides the long term off take agreements to these farmers
  • Some NGOs/institutions are potentially interested to come alongside the banks and de-risk some of these loans or this money can be pooled and bring down the interest rates for farmers
  • It is relatively easy to have the discussion today as the conventional agriculture is suffering of low returns
  • There is a Regenerative Organic Label, with the USDA organic as a base
  • The movement against pesticides and herbicides is getting stronger
  • One of the great myths is that organic needs to be more expensive. Maybe in the short term but the longer term probably not.
  • We are what we eat, including the environment.

If Eric could change one thing overnight he would get away with glysofate and certain classes of herbicides.


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