Sara Scherr, how to find great landscapes to invest in regenerative agriculture?

Taking the landscape approach when investing in regenerative agriculture. Dr. Sara Scherr is co founder and CEO of EcoAgriculture partners.


We discussed things like the stranded assets in traditional (chemical) agriculture (11T dollar):

– why more agriculture companies are getting involved in landscape restoration: ‘They see risks they can’t manage only inside their farm/ company’ so they look at landscapes and whole ecosystems’. 
– why every portfolio has exposure to chemical agriculture and that turns out to be risky. You need to look at Landscape scale/Ecosystem scale to really understand the risks of your investments. 
– what you need to look for in landscape partnerships to identify the good ones where you can make investments. Good local partnerships greatly reduce the risk of agriculture investments.

We discussed some tools Sara and her team are working on:
– a tool for investors to find Landscape Partnerships which are working (and thus greatly reducing the risks of the investment)
– tools and methodes for larger financial institutions to screen their current agriculture investment portfolio for stranded assets. Or at least make sure they don’t to add more stranded assets to their portfolio.

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