Jesse Solomon, rebuilding the chicken industry from the ground/soil up

Selling heritage chickens from farmers using holistic management. An interview with Jesse Solomon, CEO and founder of Emmer & Co, who is reinventing the chicken industry from the ground up (literally). By focusing on raising slow-growing chickens entirely on pasture, with practices that create healthy soil and regenerate the land.


How Jesse went from eating meat to being a vegetarian (after reading the book Eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer). 
To hunting his own meat and cook it for his family and friends and finally setting up an heritage chicken company.

Some more points we discussed: 

  • Our current food industry is really good ad getting a lot of bad food to as many people as possible for the lowest price.
  • Organic was really good to teach people to look at labels, and now we need to teach them beyond the labels
  • You need them (the chickens) to be warriors in this system and agents of that healthy change
  • Half of what we do is rebuild the supply chain the other half is education

Largest challenge for impact investors to get into the regenerative livestock space: 
their time horizon and return profile!

We discussed transparency and how Emmer & Co pioneers with showing the whole process, for instance through their Chicken experience.

A question for you: who knows any models (selling different parts/crops of a regenerative agriculture farms) in the rest of the world, Europe etc.?

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