Jurriaan Ruys, planting trees to restore 2b hectares degraded land

Jurrian Ruys is the CEO and co founder of Land Life Company, planting trees to restore 2b hectares of degraded land.


How to grow trees in the desert? And restore the 2b hectares of nature we destroyed?

Land Life Company is company dedicated to make large scale nature restoration projects viable by making sure the trees you plant (even in extremely harsh environments) survive and grow to be strong and healthy trees. Thus kickstarting the recovery of nature. 

We covered quite a bit in this interview, from large scale ecosystem restoration projects (with Monarch butterflies in Mexico) and smaller topics like how it is to scale up a company this quick and moving from a very corporate atmosphere to found a startup.

Listen also to Harrie, Arnout and Koen of the Land Life Company – Where we plant billions of trees vs climate change?

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