Tony Lovell, regenerate soils with a 100M fund and many cows

Tony Lovell is the co-founder and CEO of SLM Partners ( an asset manager that acquires and manages rural land on behalf of institutional investors, to scale up regenerative, ecological farming and forestry systems.



The topic of this first interview with Tony is using cows and holistic management to regenerate soils, with a 100M impact investing fund.

Mainly talking about their Australian projects where they use livestock to regenerate the soils. They had some tough first years of the fund (two of of the worst droughts ever recorded) but things seems to be going better now.

We also talked about the resistance innovators like SLM face when doing something different in a conservative sector like agriculture. Both from the farmers side as from the investors side, it takes a lot of courage (or necessity) to try something different.

Some more points we touched in the interview:

  • Regenerative Agriculture isn’t spreadsheet agriculture
  • We are building a little village around each grass plant
  • Stress on animals is the biggest hidden cost on livestock 
  • Your investment, is based on biology
  • Where does it (regenerative agriculture) fit in a portfolio, not connected to other asset classes, oil prices etc.
  • What role does regenerative agriculture play in your portfolio? Is it solid and stable enough for a decade or longer?

Here a second interview with Tony Lovell

Here an interview with Paul McMahon of SLM Partners


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