Michele Manelli, regenerating Italy’s wine industry

From soil carbon to drones and from deep roots to how we can show that regenerative agriculture is more profitable than conventional chemical based agriculture.


An interview with Michele Manelli of Salcheto wine Montepulciano in Italy.  We discussed what it means to be a sustainable wine pioneer in Italy and where to start if you start from scratch. Also Michele shared how he influencing other wine companies in Italy and not ‘just’ his 50 hectares in Tuscany. The wine industry has to reinvent itself and sustainability should be at its core.

– ‘More and more people are ready to put their sustainable values beside their other values (quality and price, service)’
– ‘Biggest problem is: transparency of the sustainability certifications’
– ‘Very fragmented distribution channels, distribution partners are not investing in it or pushing it (sustainability). ‘
– ‘Less standards more solid standards’

Michele and his colleagues have set up a new solid sustainability standard in Italy to move the whole industry (and not just some niches) to sustainability

The next phase for Salcheto lies not on environmental sustainability but on social. They introduced the first Welfare plan for vineyard employees in Italy
They are hosting children of local schools at the vineyard and turning them into sustainability ambassadors.

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