Ethan Soloviev: As demand for regenerative agriculture skyrockets, is there enough supply?

Ethan Soloviev is an international expert on regenerative agriculture, a farmer, writer, and the Vice President of Research at HowGood, Inc.


Some thoughts:

  • Can the supply of regenerative agriculture products meet the rapidly growing demand?
  • Why leverage points don’t work… and what can.
  • How to create chimeras for regenerative agriculture investing
  • We discover why Ethan loves personal care and cosmetics so much (Hint: it has nothing to do with his skin but with margins). 
  • Most farms who will reach regenerative status will do so through perennial tree crop systems.
  • Prime investment opportunity: Perennial crops & agroforestry edges of climate disruption. Increased human migration produces huge challenges, and opportunities for right livelihood. 
  • How to tell which companies to invest in (Hint: it has to do with who is actually measuring carbon).


Businesses working towards Regenerative Agriculture:

Earlier podcast interview with the colleague of Ethan: Gregory Landua

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