Osvaldo de Falco, connecting Italian organic fruit farmers directly to consumers

How do we pay a fair price to our farmers? If not they can’t take care of our land. An interview with Osvaldo de Falco, co-founder of Biorfarm, a platform which connects Italian organic fruit farmers directly to the end customers, while paying the farmers a fair price (usually 2 or 3 times as much compared to the traditional distribution channels).



This is key in Regenerative Agriculture because if we don’t pay our farmers a fair price they can’t take care of and improve the land.

Osvaldo experienced this problem first hand as his farther got 0,20/0,25 cents for his organic oranges, which were sold ‘fresh’ in an organic supermarket in Milan for 3,5 euro. Biorfarm pays 0,90 cents to their orange farmers.

Biorfarm is now getting ready to scale and will try to raise crowdfunding in the next months.

Some key take aways from the conversation:

  • The farmer is happy (with a platform like Biorfarm) because (s)he gets respect as a farmer
  • The land is the past the present and the future of the farmer, but we don’t give them space to improve it. 
  • Most farmers want to leave the land in a better shape (better soil health) to their children. Being stuck in the current value they simply can’t. 
  • Fresh is a supermarket could mean anything

For Italians listening to the podcast, the crowdfunding campaign Osvaldo mentioned is now live (of course this is only educational content, no investment advice).

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