2020 was a very intense year!
It is hard to believe this was only 12 months.
We hope you and your loved ones haven’t been personally affected by the health crisis

Many thanks for listening, watching, sharing and participating this year!
The attention for food and agriculture has absolutely exploded, our eating habits have completely changed.

As the year ends we would like to share with you our main accomplishments and discoveries of this 2020!

1- Video course based on Pay What You Think It’s Worth actually works!
After more than 100 interviews we thought it was time to share our lessons learned! We launched a video course in August and the response has been amazing: more than 300 people decided to download and join the course (thank you so much for anyone who has purchased the course!)
The video course is made to understand the opportunities, get to know the main players, learn about the trends and how to put money to work in investing in regenerative agriculture and food.
Discover the video course .

We published more than 40 full length episodes with great guests from Zach Bush to Jill Clapperton, from Chris Newman to Elaine Ingham, from Jonathan Lundgren to Bastien Sachet. Others like John Kempf and Greg Shewmaker came back on our podcast again for a check-in interview.
Thanks to our guests and two special series (see below) Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food has had more than 100.000 downloads this year.

Next to the podcast we have been running Ask Me Anything webinars that you can watch again here. Guests like Abby Rose of Vidacycle and Farmerama, Geert van der Veer of Herenboeren, Brandon Welch of Perennial Fund and Ethan Steinberg of Propagate Ventures shared with us their knowledge and experience on agtech, agroforestry, finance community owned regen farms and much more.

We believe that most change in agriculture will come from entrepreneurial farmers, investors, entrepreneurs, food companies, ag-tech companies, fund managers and anybody that is building tools and vehicles to regenerate soil at scale beyond their own farm gate and with more than their own money. That’s why in the Soil Builders series we welcome back previous friends of the podcast to understand their progress and we discover new companies, startups, farmers, investors engaged in building soil all over the world.
Discover the Soil Builders Series.

We will never forget our first series with the co-host and regen farmer Benedikt Boesel! In the Transition Finance for Farmers series we put all our efforts to explore the potential and the challenges of the transition, to understand what is the role of banks, of private investors, of crowdfunding. We discover the power of having skin in the game profit sharing and much on the role farm to fork food companies. A huge thanks to Jurrien Appers of Triodos Bank, Sallie Calhoun and Esther Park of Cienega Capital and the #NoRegrets Initiative, Robyn O’Brien of rePlant Capital, Bert Mulder of BoerBakkerBert BV, Nicolas Verschuere of Soil Capital, Philip Taylor and Brandon Welch of Mad Agriculture, Thomas Kliemt-Rippel of Kulturland-Genossenschaft for sharing their experience and knowledge along the journey! 

Our conclusion: long term off-take agreements are more important than Transition Finance! 

Listen to all the episodes here

6- Bye bye Patreon – Hello Gumroad!
We continued to grow our group of financial supporters! We tried (and failed) with member only perks, it seems like you prefer to support the podcast regardless of any exclusive content which is amazing! If you are one of them, thank you!!! We moved to a much more creator friendly platform Gumroad.

Become part of this amazing group of supporters here.


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