Regeneration Newsroom Podcast ft. Ethan Soloviev – October 2019 @ RFSI

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In this special episode of the Regeneration Newsroom podcast Ethan and Koen share their highlights of the Regenerative Food Systems Investment(RFSI) forum that took place in Oakland on Sep 30 – Oct 1.

We thought nutrients had a big stage at the forum, while one of the elements missing was biodiversity. The role of farmers in the transition to a regenerative agriculture will be fundamental. Some big companies are ready to push the transition further.

Here some links to the subjects we touched during the interview:

Kernza Grain (and beer)

RSFI Forum

Podcast with Dan Kittredge

Podcast with Isabella Tree

Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber launches biodiversity, climate initiative

Terra Madre – Salone del gusto
2020 event coming on October 8-12 in Turin, Italy

Regenerative Earth Summit
October 29-30, 2019 – Boulder, Colorado

Ethan and Koen


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