Rhamis Kent, are you an investor or a gambler?

The role of investors in this agricultural and societal revolution. An interview with Rhamis Kent discussing the role of investors in scaling up the regenerative agriculture business.


But also what is an investor? What makes him or her different from a gambler or speculator??

Rhamis: We need more people to think, ‘I’m safe as you are safe, I’m in danger if you are in danger’

On scaling up the regenerative agriculture sector:
Success breeds success, we need bigger and better projects to show to people that this works’

Some links we discussed in the interview:

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Geoff Lawson’s farm

World Permaculture Association

Ignazio Schettini – Laboratorio di Permacultura Mediterranea

TBLI Robert Rubinstein

Commonland Foundation
Also the interview with Michiel De Man of Commonland.

Loss plateau video and the documentary of John D. Lui on the Loess plateau 
Green Gold

Publication UN environment program, dead planet living planet bio diversity of sustainable developments

Gregory Landua Regenerative Entreprise
Also listen to the interview with Gregory Landua

Paul Ringo Kean Tasmania permaculture training 

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