Renee Cheung, how to get institutional investors investing in regenerative agriculture

An interview with Renee Cheung, founder of Bonterra Partners, a natural capital investment specialist.


Renee works with investors to identify and invest in sustainable, profit-generating environmental and real asset strategies.

We discussed what have been the developments in regenerative agriculture in the last years:

  • holistic grazing
  • cover-crops 
  • no-till systems

Progressive smaller HNIs are taking interest in regenerative agri holistic grazing management, key line farming, mixed cropping etc.

The main challenges:

  • gap between the funds and the soil/ground
  • the need for more good risk/return deals
  • longer timeframe for most conservation practises to generate good returns

Investment proposals have to be boring for large institutional investor investment committees to approve them. It is much easier to explain a large monoculture GMO corn/soy rotation or invest in feedlot cattle than a regenerative agriculture opportunity. Nature and regenerative agriculture are more complex thus more difficult to explain and get funded.

Examples of interesting developments:

Renee is working with Paul McMahon on a fund on regenerative sheep production in Chile. Listen to Paul McMahon’s interview.

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