Shameek Chakravarty, left Amazon to start a real life FarmVille in rural India

How the regenerative agriculture revolution starts by connecting small holder farmers in rural India with customers in the city.


Shameek Chakravarty is the cofounder of Farmizen, based in Bangalore (India). On Farmizen everyone can rent mini-plots of farmland close to the city. You choose your vegetables and farmers then grow them organically for you and you can keep track of the harvest using the app. Basically it is a real life, organic, version of Farmville.

We discussed the lives of Indian farmers and what challenges they face every day and how Farmizen is trying to fix those challenges.

Key points:
– remove short term incentives for the farmers and they will take care of the land (farmers working with Farmizen receive 4/5 times as much and it is predictable)
– historically India had a very interesting natural farming practises, like Zero budget natural farming which Farmizen is bringing back with modern technology
– when you reconnect consumers with farmers and the land, trust will build

Tips from Shameek for investors who want to start investing in the Regenerative Agriculture space:
– have a much longer investment horizon
– both India and China are very interesting markets to look at from a regenerative agriculture point of view. Their soil quality has been deteriorated significantly

Recent Bloomberg item about Farmizen

Second interview with Shameek in 2020

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