Introducing Transition Finance with Benedikt and Koen

This is a special dedicated series on Transition Finance. Why are we recording this series?  Many farmers are ready to speed up their regenerative transition. They have looked for learning, done the courses, read the key books, hosted the gurus on their farms, explored farm size regenerative designs and, most importantly, started their pilots and feedback loops.


But Farmers are “stuck” in their production system, having to earn profits in order to pay bank annuities or earning enough income just to cover the costs of production. Finding extra investments for trees and cover crops is simply not possible.

This is where transition finance is key. A local bank loan often isn’t feasible because of the short duration, lack of flexibility and the farmers lack of collateral. Furthermore, there is a limit to how much equity a farmer is able or willing to give away.

That is why the co-host, aspiring to be regenerative farmer Benedikt Bösel and I are embarking on a journey to find out what are the key principles of transition finance for regenerative farmers. 

We are interviewing leading practitioners in the regenerative agriculture and food finance space. They share their insights how they would finance the speed up of the regenerative transition on Benedikt’s 1000h almost 2500 acres farm in Germany, close to Berlin.

This is an open process, we are sharing our lessons through podcast episodes as we go along. We don’t have the answers yet, just a lot of questions, so please share with us any examples of transition finance you have seen, other inspiration, people to interview etc.! 


Feedback, comments, suggestions? Reach me via Twitter @KoenvanSeijen, in the comments below or through Get in Touch on this website.

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