Thekla Teunis and Gijs Boers, what African regenerative farmers can teach us

Thekla Teunis and Gijs Boers, cofounders of Grounded. They are working to bring the agriculture sector in Africa back into balance.


We discuss how regenerative agriculture really works in practice on the ground in Southern Africa and how is working with farmers in Zambia and South Africa by really really listening to them.

The key take-aways:

– Listening to farmers, (really really listen) they know what could work well on their land, even if they don’t grow that mix of crops today because of circumstances forcing them to choose for short term solutions
– It is essential to find the right local crop mix
– When you are working with farmers and really listen, business cases will emerge, but you can’t have a strict 10 year planning
– There are huge opportunities in local processing in Africa, due to long distances to markets, challenging infrastructure, and it makes a lot of sense to process locally
– Local processing makes it possible to pay farmers for Regenerative agriculture
– And this offers many opportunities for (patient) Impact Investors

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