Soil Builders, using a bond to scale regenerative approaches in West Africa

Emiliano Mroue,  co founder of the WARC group, is the guest of the new episode of the Soil Builders series. In the series we welcome back previous friends of the podcast to understand their progress and we discover new companies, startups, farmers, investors engaged in building soil all over the world.

We discussed with Emiliano how they are applying regenerative approaches with smallholder farmers in Ghana and Sierra Leone. And how they are raising capital through the innovative New African Farmers Bond to scale their work.



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3 comments on “Soil Builders, using a bond to scale regenerative approaches in West Africa

  1. Hi Koen and Emiliano,
    Great conversation, thank you so much for sharing your experience. I would like to know more about the bond you refer to but cannot find any information online. Could you send me an overview of the main outline and how to participate?

    1. Koenvanseijen says:

      Thank you Marlies for your comment, I will share it with Emiliano!

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