Farmers’ Philosophy series! Koen van Seijen in conversation with Anne van Leeuwen, regenerative farmer and co-owner of Bodemzicht Farm


We can learn so much more from farmers than how to restore soil. Regeneration goes much further and deeper. That’s why this is the second episode of the Farmers’ Philosophy series, where we make time with farmers who are pushing the boundaries of regenerative agriculture, we sit down with them and take time to explore more than soil health. We discuss what we can learn, what we can see, what we can observe when we get in touch with life again and understand we’re all an ecosystem.

This is a conversation between Koen van Seijen, host of the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food podcast, and Anne van Leeuwen, regenerative farmer and co-owner of Bodemzicht Farm.
A deep dive into the non-existence of the divide between nature and culture, getting back in touch with yourself, nutrient dense food as basic human right, community, minimum wage, true cost economy, and much more.

Film and edit by Caspar Daniël Diederik of Storytravelers.



“The thing that I find frustrating about the economic situation is that if you don’t exploit your workers, your human workers, also your more than human workers all around, your soil, the community, the climate. If you don’t exploit that, you will always be more expensive than a farmer who doesn’t necessarily take that into account. And what I find very frustrating is that I think poison-free, artificial pesticide-free, but especially nutritious, healthy, locally grown, nurturing landscape food should be a basic human right for everyone. Everybody should have access to this kind of food. I mean, that should be the basic of what we share with our communities, and what I find frustrating is that I am unable to share that because of economic barriers, because I don’t want to pay anybody less than minimum wage, and the issue is that I cannot solve that. That’s what I find one of the most frustrating things. Unless we get a true cost economy, I cannot bridge that gap”. Anne van Leeuwen




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